Sample Services Projects 


OceanWorks International supports our customers the world-over by supplying services in support of their operations. The following examples are typical of services we provide our customers.

Offshore Atmospheric Diving Operations


OceanWorks has undertaken ADS operations in support of drilling, production and inspection operations in various locations throughout the world. The sample work summarized below was done using the HARDSUITTM QUANTUM ADS system (datasheet), and was executed during challenging sub sea current conditions. To learn more about our ADS operations capabilities please visit our HARDSUIT™ ADS Operations Services page.



FPSO Riser Installation

This installation took place in NanHai Sheng Li, Chine, in 302 to 311 msw, and involved a variety of tasks associated with recovery of the dropped risers. The ADS was paired with a work class ROV with the ADS doing the rigging and manipulation tasks and the ROV providing tool power and heavy lift assistance. Tasks included: heavy lift strop cutting and rigging; diamond wire cutting tool installation; water jetting and cleaning; alignment adjustment using lift bags and chain falls; choker fitting; hose hook ups and disconnects; cut edge dressing; flange and bolt connection and disconnection and valve operation and inspection. 

Number of dives: 30

·Total Dive Time: 109.1 hours

·Average Dive: Time 3.64 hours



Panyu Grout Clamp Pipe Repair


This repair took place in the Huizhou field working from a DP vessel for the CATC Operators Group and included inspection; hose connection and disconnection; weld cleaning by water jet and hand tools; ACFM weld inspection; jig fit and measurements; clamp installation; bolted connections; rigging and alignment with lift bags, chain falls and crane support; clamp installation; grouting; oil sampling. Water depth was 102 to 192 msw. 


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