Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

 OceanWorks’ large Hydrostatic Test Vessel (HTV) is configured to allow both manned and unmanned testing of a variety of subsea equipment including the Atmospheric Diving System (ADS). The entire HTV top section is removable for easy access for loading test items and making connections for monitoring and other sensors. The HTV is available to outside parties for hire and OceanWorks provides all necessary technicians and operators to help set up and execute customer specific test programs. OceanWorks can also provide test jigs, fixture and actuators if necessary. A number of smaller hydrostatic testing chambers are also available upon inquiry.


 The HTV is fitted with multiple mechanical and electrical hull penetrations that can be custom configured to accept sensors, power supplies, data links, mechanical and hydraulic actuators and other equipment needed for testing. Video and internal lighting are is also provided. For manned dives communications, secondary lift equipment and high volume emergency water drain capability are provided. Provision is also made for water temperature control.


 HTV Features & Specifications

 • OceanWorks' Hydraulic Test Vessel includes:

 • Full diameter opening

 • Top flange inserts for various applications

 • Internal mounting lugs and supports

 • Large diameter pass-throughs

 • Dual video camera internal observation

 • Internal Lighting

 • Dual range digital depth gauges

 • Digital Temperature Monitor

 • 610 mm (24 inch) top flange access

 • 23 x 44 mm (1.75 inch) bore penetrators for instrumentation or mechanical interface c/w 38 mm (1.5 inch) bore penetrator inserts to adapt to customer connectors and fittings

 • 3 x 102 mm (4 inch) studding outlets c/w blind flange adapters can be modified to accommodate






 Dimensions are 1829 mm (72 inch) ID at equator and 2438 mm (96 inch) clear inside. Height: floor board to flange.

 Operating Pressure:

137 bar (2000 psi)

1376 msw (4516 fsw)


 The HTV is PVHO rated for testing of manned systems and has emergency drain, secondary lift access & power systems for manned testing.


 The HTV's design is ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII – Division 1 ANSI/ASME Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy – PVHO-1 1999 Edition and 1996 Addenda.


Small Test Pots

 OWC also maintains the following hydrostatic test equipment for smaller equipment:



Internal Dimension

0-52 bar (0-750 psi)

514 msw (1686 fsw)

381 mm (15.25 inch) ID x 228.6 mm (9 inch) H

0-103 bar (0-1500 psi)

1028 msw (3373 fsw)

349.25 mm (13.75 inch) x 381 mm (15 inch) H

0-193 bar (0-2800 psi)

1919 msw (6296 fsw)

165 mm (6.5 inch ID x 152 mm (6 inch) H



 OceanWorks’ large Hydrostatic Test Facilities available for hire along with OceanWorks operators and technicians. Custom sensors, jigs, fixtures and actuators can be provided. Details of rates and services available upon request.