OceanWorks International offers offshore subsea intervention services using the HARDSUIT™ Atmospheric Diving System (ADS).



OceanWorks is a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and operates the ADS in compliance with IMCA guidelines and requirements. 




The HARDSUIT™ ADS has been used extensively in both commercial and military applications, and offers a unique and cost effective solution for completion of many underwater tasks in depths of up to 360 meters (1200) feet. US Navy versions of the HARDSUIT™ have been configured for depths of 610 m (2000 ft). Smaller crew sizes, reduced training requirements, no decompression, unlimited vertical excursions, system portability, and lower capital equipment costs are some of the advantages the ADS has over traditional diving. 

The ADS also has many advantages over ROV technologies. It provides better access to confined spaces, 3D perception, improved dexterity, and has the ability to use standard diver tools and equipment without the expensive pre-engineering required for ROV operations.



The HARDSUIT™ maintains the operator in a safe, one atmosphere environment throughout the water column, eliminating significant physiological factors that affect saturation divers. The HARDSUIT™ also allows for the following capabilities:

Maintain clear voice communication at all times

Make unlimited vertical excursions without concern for decompression

Return to the surface at any time to consult with supervisory personnel and then return to the job site without changing pilots or losing time for personnel change over.

Return to the surface immediately on completion of the task without decompression delay

Consume smaller deck space on surface vessels, with lower weights than saturation diving or ROV systems




HARDSUIT™ Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) - Equipment

The HARDSUIT™ ADS, used for oil and gas project support is typically configured to include the following equipment:

 •HARDSUIT™ QUANTUM suit with all accessories and custom adjustable sizing pieces.              

 •Launch and Recovery System (LARS) with:

•Primary umbilical lift/winch

•Guide wire clump weight system and winch for secondary recovery

•Telescoping boom and latch mechanism

•Tether Management System (TMS)

•Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) with redundant pump/motor set

•Control Van with all topside ADS and LARS/TMS power distribution, control, monitoring,

displays, and life support data reordering systems

•Workshop van with all tools, spares and consumable supplies

•Rigging container for all jobs

•Oxygen rack with controls for charging oxygen systems on the suit

•Alternative LARS configurations are available for use in specific conditions requiring air transport or work in confined spaces



Certification and Safety Reccord 

All systems, pilots and technicians are trained to internationally recognized standards. OceanWorks maintains an alliance with the Underwater Centre Fermantle (UTCF) for provision of fully accredited ADS personnel training. A typical ADS crew for a 12 hour shift consists of six people (one Supervisor, two pilots and three Technicians). For projects requiring 24 hour per day operation, one Superintendent is added to coordinate the two six person shifts. Additional project management, equipment, specialists and engineers are added as required depending on the scope of work.

HARDSUIT™ Task Examples

The agility and adaptability of the HARDSUIT ADS has allowed the system to excel in a variety of tasks including:

• Drilling support

• Pipeline inspection & repair

• Riser installation & repair

• Non-destructive testing

• Salvage operations

• High pressure water blasting

• Decommissioning 

• Well P&A
• Platform inspection, maintenance and repair • Pipe and spool piece flange connections and installation


Operational History

The OceanWorks HARDSUIT™ ADS has accomplished tasks and performed work all over the world, including:

• Brazil

• Gulf of Mexico

• Malaysia

• The North Sea

• Australia

• Arctic Regions

• Greece

• Canada

• India

• Germany

• France

• Japan

• Italy

• Russia

• Singapore 

• Trinidad

• Turkey

• UK - North Sea



For more information please contact: sales@oceanworks.com