Surface Systems

OceanWorks International provides customers with a wide variety of surface handling, heave compensation and Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for use with our subsea systems: Atmospheric Diving Systems, ROV systems, submarine rescue systems and tools, and other devices that require special handling.



Passive Heave Compansation Systems (PHCS)




      As a system integrator, OceanWorks develops the performance specification and general configuration required for LARS or other associated surface equipment. Depending on the application, we may use a specialist LARS or component subcontractor based on full or partial use of pre-exisiting designs to minimize development risk, cost and delivery time. Alternatively, for very specialized applications, OceanWorks will do the detailed engineering, manufacturing and testing in-house. (Datasheet)




Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)


All LARS and surface equipment can be provided with certification for a variety of accredited agencies in accordance with applicable quality, safety and legislative rules and regulations.

Examples of configurations and systems include:

  • A-frame, telescoping boom, davit, fixed frame and other configurations available
  • Air transportable, rapid set up modular systems for ADS and submarine rescue applications
  • Compact systems for vessel specific installations
  • Modular, fold down systems for ease of mobilization
  • Ramp and frame type systems for special device handling
  • Electric drive, deep water ROV winch systems
  • Light weight winch and container systems for air transport comparability passive heave compensation systems
  • Active over passive heave compensation systems
  • Active heave compensation systems
  • Air and road transport/assembly pallet systems to speed loading and assist in system assembly
  • Hydraulic power units and systems
  • Custom application sheave and power sheave assemblies
  • Specialist application tether management systems
  • Dynamic analysis and modeling for systems design and performance assessment



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