Subsea Tooling

OceanWorks International provides a wide range of standard remote intervention tooling and customized tooling for the oil and gas industry. Our capabilities include the incorporation of a variety of tools into fully integrated, custom work packages and skids for specialized task completion. 

Examples of OceanWorks' tooling capabilities include:

  • ROV integrated work packages and skids
  • ROV components and subsystems
  • Standard Tooling
  • Specialized subsea equipment
  • Pipeline burial / de-burial systems
  • ROV configured Tooling / ROV system upgrades and refurbishment
  • Fabrication and testing
  • Offshore support




Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)




The OceanWorks Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) is designed to operate in conjunction with a torque tool for the connection of subsea flying lead assemblies by an ROV.  Together the FLOT and torque tool are mounted on the front of an ROV and can be used for either flexible or steel flying lead connections.

A simple collet mechanism is used to securely clamp the torque tool in the FLOT.  The hydraulic rotary actuator located in the base of the FLOT allows the torque tool to be pitched a full 180° with a load of up to 600 lbs (225 kg) attached.  For correct roll alignment of the torque tool with the Flying Lead Head Unit, the FLOT also allows a ±15° rotational capability. (Datasheet)

Max Weight

  • In Air 100 lbs ( 50.5Kg)
  • In Water 82 lbs (36.5 Kg)

Hydraulic Power and Interface Requirements

  • 3000 psi (207 Bar) for full load performance
  • 2 x solenoid valve functions
  • 2 x directional control valves - pitch, rotate
  • 2 gpm (adjustable) flow for pitch
  • 0.1 gpm (adjustable) flow for the roll axis


  • 24”(H) x 18”(W) x 21”(L)
  • 610mm (H) x 460mm (W) x 535mm (L)


  • 180°


  • ± 15°

Maximum Load

  • 600 lbs (225 Kg)


Hot Stabs with Shuttle Valves




OceanWorks has developed ROV hot stab systems with integrated ROV operable shuttle valves in 2 inch (50 mm) and 4 inch (100 mm) bore sizes. Additional sizes can be provided upon request. (Datasheet)



Well Head Cleaning Tool




The Well Head Cleaning Tool is a hydraulically powered hub cleaning tool designed for safe and reliable deployment and operation by an ROV. Replaceable 3m Scotch-Brite brushes are secured to a cleaning head driven by a hydraulic motor.


  • Material: UHMD plastic & xylan coated, carbon steel
  • Overall dimensions: 28” dia X 44” tall
  • Weight in air: 130 Lbs
  • Hydraulic motor: parker TE0045
  • Flow rate required: 10 GPM
  • Max supply pressure: 2900 PSI
  • Gasket seal surface: 18.75” nominal diameter
  • Bore seal surface: 13” nominal diameter
  • Connections: 3/8” JIC


AX/VX Seal Replacement Tool



The AX - VX Seal Replacement Tool is an expandable clamp designed for safe and reliable removal/replacement of AX or VX seal rings by an ROV. The tool is comprised of two clamp segments, controlled by a single hydraulic cylinder and an open center control valve. Spring force will grip and retain the seal ring in the event of hydraulic pressure loss. The AX - VX seal replacement is constructed of aluminum with a stainless steel handle.


  • Construction: AL 6061-T6, spring steel (powder coated) and 316 SS
  • Hydraulic pressure range: 2000-3000 PSI
  • Hydraulic clamping force: 921 lb
  • Hydraulic retraction force: 588 lb
  • Nominal seal clamping force (springs only): 140 lb
  • Minimum seal diameter: 18.500”
  • Maximum seal diameter: 18.875”
  • Maximum seal height: 4.375”
  • Minimum tool insertion seal clearance: 1.500”
  • Maximum extracted outside diameter: 20.875”
  • Minimum contracted outside diameter: 18.625”
  • Dry weight: 30 lb


Suction Anchor Pump




OceanWorks offers the next generation Z - anchor Z20 suction anchor pump from UK based Advanced Marine Technology Subsea Ltd. (ATMIS), a company with an extensive track record in the design and manufacturing of high performance ROV suction anchor and dredging pump products. 

The enhanced design of the Z20 allows for greater control and power for suction anchor installation or removal.  The Z20 provides up to 185 m3/hr suction flow with a nominal input flow of 100 lpm (26 gpm) at 207 bar (3000 psi). Increased performance can be achieved by customizing the impeller selection for host systems capable of supplying a higher flow.  All-electric versions are also available, providing users with the capability to run the pump from sources such as an electric ROV.  In conjunction with AMITS, OceanWorks also offers a complete range of engineering services for custom applications of the Z20, including system design, engineering, integration and testing.


Hydraulic Inputs:

  • Pressure (nominal):                 200 bar (3,000 psi)           
  • Pressure (max):                         350 bar (5,000 psi)
  • Flow (nominal)                          100 lpm (26.4 USGPM)
  • Flow (maximum):                       145 lpm (38.3 USGPM)                                               

Typical Pull-in Performance:

System hydraulic pressure:       200 bar (3,000 psi)

Anchor differential:                        3 bar (43.5 psi)

Suction flow:                                 185 m3/hr


Installation Tooling



OceanWorks designs and builds custom installation tooling for oil and gas customers including spreaders, running tools, ACDP frames, metrology jigs, fixutres and jumpers. 




Softland Systems


OceanWorks has developed a Softland System to safely connect jumpers, flow lines and other connection systems without damaging critical interface components. The Softlands use OceanWorks' or other torque tools for final securing connections and can be custom sized and configured to suit specific applications. (Datasheet)

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