Submarine Rescue Intervention Systems

OceanWorks International offers a full range of subsea intervention assets designed for rapid deployment and operation in a number of submarine rescue and related operating scenarios. Capabilities include search, salvage, ordinance recovery, disabled submarine life extension, escape support and survivor rescue. 

The urgency of a situation involving rescue from a Disabled Submarine (DISSUB) requires high quality, modern technology that can be quickly and efficiently mobilized on a Vessel Of Opportunity (VOO) in a minimal amount of time. Our intervention products include Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). These intervention assets can be used to assist escape and rescue and to deploy Emergency Life Support Stores (ELSS) systems and connect Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression Systems (SEVDS). OceanWorks supplied intervention equipment is used to extend the life of survivors and support escape while rescue assets are being mobilized.

OceanWorks' HARDSUIT™ ADS and ROV intervention systems can also be utilized for a wide variety of search and salvage operations including ordinance and casualty recovery.



OceanWorks HARDSUIT™ Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS)

OceanWorks HARDSUIT™ Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS) include fully integrated Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) and operational tooling. With over forty HARDSUIT™ systems delivered since 1986, OceanWorks ADS technology has consistently evolved since its initial release. Today the HARDSUIT™ Quantum ADS represents the state of the art in atmospheric diving systems.

The Quantum ADS is available in two depth ratings including 365 meters (1200 feet) and 610 meters (2000 feet). The HARDSUIT™ has an unblemished safety record and provides human 3 dimensional awareness and “eyes-on-the-scene” capability for a fraction of the cost of a conventional saturation diving system due to the elimination of decompression time, reduced crew size, elimination of costly consumables, ease of mobilization and reduced vessel size. Several militaries around the world have acquired the HARDSUIT™ system from OceanWorks for use in salvage, ordinance recovery and submarine rescue efforts.

The HARDSUIT™ is ideal for the location and evaluation of a stranded submarine, establishment of communications, submarine escape hatch clearing for escape, life support re-supply via ELSS pods and ventilation/decompression via SEVDS connection. The HARDSUIT™ provides unmatched dexterity and mobility to access tight spaces. HARDSUIT™ altitude and orientation can be easily altered based on the commands of the HARDSUIT™ pilot. The ability of the HARDSUIT™ to quickly respond and execute unplanned tasks combined with simplified training and reduced maintenance makes it an ideal deep diving system for all military applications.


Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems can be utilized for a variety of rescue related missions, including wide area search, submarine location, hatch clearing, ELSS pod posting, submarine ventilation system connection, salvage and general intervention. The ROV can be used for multiple applications at depths exceeding 6000 meters. It can also can be used in situations where depth exceeds the rating of the ADS or in very hazardous scenarios. The HARDSUIT Quantum and ROV are often operated as a pair for safety and enhanced task performance with the ROV providing heavy lift power, tool power and area lighting / video while the ADS undertakes all work requiring fine dexterity and sensitive manipulation. ROV systems are available in a number of sizes and capabilities ranging from small observation only to heavy duty, full work class. OceanWorks, with its expertise in ROV operation, special tooling design and relationship with major ROV suppliers, can recommend the best ROV configuration to compliment the HARDSUIT™ operation and other customer requirements. 


Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS)

In a submarine disaster it is essential to stabilize the internal environment and extend the life of survivors while the rescue equipment is being mobilized. The OceanWorks Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS) can be rapidly deployed to the scene and connected by the HARDSUIT™, ADS, an ROV, or conventional divers. With air supply and return monitored and controlled from the surface, the SEVDS can then be used to control DISSUB pressurization and clear smoke, carbon dioxide or other toxic gas accumulation. The OceanWorks SEVDS is designed for use with our custom Submarine Receiving Fittings (SRF) and Submarine Adapter Units (SAU). The SEVDS connections are compatible with NATO STANAG 1450. The unique OceanWorks SRF and SAU fittings are specifically designed for operation by divers, ADS and ROV systems.



Emergency Life Support Stores (ELSS)

Emergency Life Support Stores (ELSS) pods are pressure vessels that allow transfer of food, water, medical supplies, oxygen candles or CO2 scrubber materials to the disabled submarine. The pods are supplied compliant with STANAG 1391 to fit the escape tower of NATO submarines. Alternate pod configurations have also been made for nonstandard applications. The OceanWorks ELSS pods and accessories can be supplied as individual components or as a fully integrated system with four (4) carousels carrying a total of 20 pods, a flyaway launch and recovery system and acoustic tracking and release systems to allow rapid deployment from a small vessel.

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