About OceanWorks International

OceanWorks International is a dynamic, privately held U.S. company headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary (OceanWorks International Corp.) based in Burnaby, British Columbia. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of manned and unmanned underwater work systems and related equipment for the international marine industry.

OceanWorks International’s primary business is in providing a full range of subsea systems development, engineering, manufacturing, and operational and logistics support to military and commercial clients worldwide. Key markets served include:

Oil and Gas



OceanWorks International’s depth of experience in the design, manufacture, testing, certification, and delivery of subsea technology stems from a background of over 30 years in the business of deep submergence and diving technology, operations, and support. We employ highly qualified and experienced professionals who are very familiar with our clients’ needs and the operational aspects of using such equipment. Our products are engineered from both a technical and practical viewpoint, providing our clients with equipment that has been designed with the end user’s requirements in mind throughout the entire product development process.

The company has grown, diversified, and expanded its product range to offer a portfolio of products and services that complement one another. Submarine rescue systems and specialized remote intervention tooling are integral parts of our portfolio.

OceanWorks in the USA



OceanWorks International Inc. in Houston, Texas, is focused on the design and manufacture of specialized remote systems and tooling for the offshore oil and gas market.  Products include both standard and customized remote intervention tooling for oilfield service clients, as well as remote tooling systems for burial, trenching, rock cutting, de-burial and maintenance of pipelines and submarine fiber optic cables. We have heavy fabrication capability undertake numerous fabrication projects for a variety of customers. Houston based engineering services include comprehensive engineering capability for execution of special projects. We provide our customers a unique, one stop shop source for finding creative and cost effective solutions to challenging project requirements.

Our Houston headquarters include a 3900 sq m (42,000 sq ft) manufacturing facility and maintains an ISO 9001-2008 QA system qualified by DNV.

OceanWorks in Canada


OceanWorks International Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of OceanWorks Inc. and is located in Burnaby, BC, Canada. OceanWorks Canada is primarily focused on the design and manufacture of manned work systems for military and commercial applications and sub sea network systems for oil and gas and scientific customers. Key products include atmospheric diving equipment and submarine rescue systems, as well as a wide range of products that support these two technologies. Services include custom fabrication, build-to-print services, and factory acceptance testing, harbour acceptance testing, and full-depth at-sea testing services for subsea equipment.

OceanWorks is one of the most experienced international suppliers of manned systems, and our proven track record and performance in this sector has made us a key supplier of this equipment to many of the naval and commercial organizations around the world.

OceanWorks Canada is also a world leader in the development of technology and systems for seafloor networks and underwater cabled observatories along with related network power supplies, control systems and data gathering and distribution technologies.

The Burnaby facility includes 3450 sq meters (37,000 sq ft) of combined office and manufacturing space, outfitted with an indoor 87,000 litre (3072 cu ft) test tank and a hydrostatic test chamber rated to 1370 meters.

OceanWorks Canada maintains an ISO 9001:2008 QA system qualified by QMI. This system has been elevated to meet the stringent requirements for MILSPEC work such as compliance with the U.S. Navy’s Deep Submergence Certification program (NAVSEA SS800-AG-MAN-01/P-9290) and the U.S. Navy’s Diving and Manned Hyperbaric Systems Program (NAVSEA SS521-AA-MAN-010).

The elevated QA requirements included the development of meticulous quality, project management, configuration control procedures and data management for all activities and products. OceanWorks Canada also designs, builds and tests systems to commercial certification standards including ABS, DNV and Lloyds Register.

OceanWorks in Turkey


OceanWorks International is the majority shareholder in the Joint-Stock company OceanWorks Aykor. OceanWorks Aykor is based in the Desbas Free Trade Zone near Tuzla, Istanbul.

OceanWorks Aykor's focus is on the design and manufacture of technologies, systems and products for subsea and marine engineering applications. These applications include ship systems related to submarine rescue, diving systems including hyperbaric chambers and related systems, as well as custom designed and built solutions to meet customer requirements. OceanWorks Aykor is fully committed to developing a proven supply chain and design capability in Turkey.